( H&M sports bra and sneaker, Mango pants)

I like sticking to minimal looks yet with a hint of quirkiness (i think i have said that a lot of times). i also think that i may have developed a crush towards sports bra, it is just aesthetically pleasing, especially the one like i am wearing, simple and tough. i could go ga-ga over sports everything, i think I'm weird. My outfit palette always lingers with the color : gray, black and white, and a bit of pastels here and there. Those are the only colors i will wear, never other. It just stops there, not advancing.
K bye


( Vero Moda sweater, Pants from @Angeljow , Nike Airmax, Guess watch, Salvatore Ferragamo bag )

Another Guess watch for me ! Guess watches are always so versatile and easy to wear. You can literally grab any watch of guess and pair it with anything ! Not to mention it is also finely made. This pants were made by a designer friend, she's pursuing her degree in design and she needs a model for her portfolio, and so she asked me. Thereafter, she gave me this pants. I feel very intimate when a designer made a piece of clothing for me :3 Well, see you, i will try to post a lot from now on.



After all this time editing and procrastinating (mostly procrastinate) it's finally here !
We have always been traveling to Hong Kong to shop, get loose and visit some relatives here - in the same period of time too, that is, January, early of the year. I always feel Hong Kong is a familiar place for me especially with its palatable foods and the busy atmosphere. I went to Macau too, visited my relatives in Shenzhen. That was the first time we met, and it was awkward due to the age difference but we had fun, their kids was such a sweetheart. Alright, i'll let you watch the video, i awful at writing my experienced.