(Asos top, Zara pants, Charles and Keith sandals, chanel bag, Gucci watch)

It's February now, but this post is taken during my stay at Jakarta on early January for some refreshment;considering the hectic college life + it was term break. I visited and stayed at my friend's place for 4 days before staying with my mom at a hotel for 3 days. Anyway, it's been a month of absence and i am truly sorry for that. Although i kept on promising i will post more, i can't seemed to make any time for a post.

Back to the outfit, sometimes dressing in the same colour pieces could give a high-end modern feel to an outfit and i like that, it makes me feel somewhat clean yet not that clean, if you know what i mean. I try not be too minimalist when dressing out as that would be plain boring. I guess because i always have this thing in mind where i should not be leaning into one thing only, instead staying in between.

Right, Happy Chinese New Year ! i hope you are enjoying your day. What sucks today is, that i have a class tomorrow and i'll be continuing doing my assignments this night. Sucks to be me.

Then, have a great evening! See you in the next post (in which i hope will be soon)!


Flipping to 2016! How things were predominantly filled with unexpected things and what not. 2015 was of joy and despair, learnt new things and experienced fun moments. I would also like to apologize for updating less in year 2015 but thankyou for being supportive at all times! 2015 has been a great adventure, it is a great pleasure to learn whaf life means.

i wanted to make this post as an opportunity to say Happy New Year and Merry belated Christmas ! I hope you enjoy yourself a good new year! Goodbye 2015 and cheers 2016! 


There's nothing you can relish but snuggle and listen to fine calm tunes when it rains. Here, i curated a playlist for you all to enjoy while on your spare time. It is best enjoyed when it rains or in state of tranquility. I am currently living the moment whilst in holiday mode as there's only 2 weeks left before new term starts. I have been enjoying my old tendency of oversleeping and pigging out this week. Hopefully i don't get carried away when the new term starts.