( Brallete and See-through outer from Forever 21, Zara skirt, H&M heels, Raw Classic hat )

Second term is starting soon and i have yet to adapt the franticness  - by that, i mean the schedule and the assignments. First term gave me an outlook on how my college life will be, and it will even be more restless than it is. Well, i will keep this post short. So have a great week ahead !


 ( sweater from Vero Moda, mom's silver dress, H&M heels, ROUNN leather bag )

I have never had any decent sleep ever since college started. It has always been 2/3am sleep and caffeine all day to keep me buzzed, it the routine now. I have also developed a bad habit of procrastinating in everything- that includes waking up(duh), getting into the shower, get dressed, put on makeup, coming to class and doing assignments. Moreover, rushing to the photocopy store to get papers bind when the due date of submitting is that same day. That would be why i have been absent gone this past few months.

In other news, Rounn sent me a leather bag, which left me in awe by both of its packaging and minimalist product ! However, what left me speechless is that you could customize your own leather bag! From its stitching, leather color, the insides and the zipper. Go to Rounn and try it on your own to experience its coolness. You could also insert your initials too! I wanted to look more laid back and simple so i opted for sweater and my mom's silk dress and paired it with my heels. 

Bye now,


 ( H&M top and jacket, Raw Classic Skirt, Jeffrey Campbell boots, Chanel bag ) 

Since college started, the hectic-ness has elevated from level 1 to level 2 ! Not to mention, RAW CLASSIC has launched its first collection! If you guys haven't known yet, RAW CLASSIC is my own mini online store which i want to try and pursue in this field. After all, i took fashion design as my major. Might also start from scratch. So, check RAW CLASSIC on instagram- @raw.classic, or click here :)
I will try and update a lot more after everything's settled, for now, stay tuned!