the crew
 ( Outfit 1 : Mango shirt, Zara skirt, H&M cap and shoe ; Outfit 2 : i wear Zara dress, Mango blazer, my sister wears Mango trousers and shoe ; Outfit 3 : H&M tee and cap, Mango trousers )
 ph. by Macgie Wong

Photoshootin' the other day with the talented photographer Macgie Wong! Gosh, i love how she turned this shoot/project into very editorial-ish. Initially, she wanted to capture the ' light and dark ' vibe in us, as we are twins. But somehow turned into an editorial shoot. I am giving a hundred thumbs up for this photoshoot. I have never had so much fun in a photoshoot before. You can all witness the fun in this video-- bloopers at the end. I hope it makes you laugh !


( H&M sports bra and sneaker, Mango pants)

I like sticking to minimal looks yet with a hint of quirkiness (i think i have said that a lot of times). i also think that i may have developed a crush towards sports bra, it is just aesthetically pleasing, especially the one like i am wearing, simple and tough. i could go ga-ga over sports everything, i think I'm weird. My outfit palette always lingers with the color : gray, black and white, and a bit of pastels here and there. Those are the only colors i will wear, never other. It just stops there, not advancing.
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( Vero Moda sweater, Pants from @Angeljow , Nike Airmax, Guess watch, Salvatore Ferragamo bag )

Another Guess watch for me ! Guess watches are always so versatile and easy to wear. You can literally grab any watch of guess and pair it with anything ! Not to mention it is also finely made. This pants were made by a designer friend, she's pursuing her degree in design and she needs a model for her portfolio, and so she asked me. Thereafter, she gave me this pants. I feel very intimate when a designer made a piece of clothing for me :3 Well, see you, i will try to post a lot from now on.