P L A Y.

my holiday includes plethora of 3 am sleep and 2 pm awakening,  eating like pigs, chillaxing with my confidants, late night town touring, intimate car talks and midnight drinks. I am having the best moment of my life, graduating soon and having fun. Right, WARNING! the vibes in this playlist is absurd, they add a fine amount of grooviness to your ear. This playlist contains tropicalism(me creating words) that surely will make you addicted, at least for me. I may exaggerate a bit, but give it a try and seek for yourself !

I'll be heading to Bangkok this afternoon, i can't wait to pry open Bangkok as this is my first visit !


 ( Shop At Velvet top, H&M skirt, Nike airmax 90, Guess watch and Chanel Boy bag)

So much happened that day. The day we went to the zoo. We started the day with a swimming session. and then we continued to our appointed meeting point which was KongBox Cafe as it was the nearest point to the zoo. and as usual, i happened to bring my camera with me to take outfit shot. The camera did not work properly so i had to  put it away in a table near us. and pursued the deed using my phone. After that, we proceed to the zoo. and what's shocking was........ I LEFT MY CAMERA THERE, AND I AM NOT EVEN AWARE UNTIL I WENT HOME. that is how i lost my camera. I did phone the cafe and asked the individual who was in charge but it was gone. i can never forgive myself for losing a camera, and it was a gift from my boy. 

Well, i'll let bygone be bygone. Anyway, another sublime top from Shop at Velvet. I paired it with Guess silver watch as i think i needs a bling factor to this outfit. It was a quintessential zoo outfit i would say. It is in between girly and boyish. The upper part represent girly and the bottom part represent boyish, if you get what i mean. 

Although i lost my camera, I will never forget the journey to the zoo. it was fun and intimate. 


 ( Shop At Velvet tee, Luna_id custom skirt )
Ph. by Macgie Wong

These two are currently my favourite clothing in the wardrobe ! How can they not be ? its simplicty is outstandingly outstanding (?). The marble pattern on this top from Shop at Velvet accentuate its minimal factor very well, i must say. Might i wear something forever, it would be this top. The skirt is custom made for me, finely made is not it ? i opted for something less crowded, and it turned out just how i wanted it to be, quite stoked, honestly.