After all this time editing and procrastinating (mostly procrastinate) it's finally here !
We have always been traveling to Hong Kong to shop, get loose and visit some relatives here - in the same period of time too, that is, January, early of the year. I always feel Hong Kong is a familiar place for me especially with its palatable foods and the busy atmosphere. I went to Macau too, visited my relatives in Shenzhen. That was the first time we met, and it was awkward due to the age difference but we had fun, their kids was such a sweetheart. Alright, i'll let you watch the video, i awful at writing my experienced.


( Forever 21 top, Asos skirt, Mango blazer, Lunar Cult luna necklace )

Here are some of the pictures from my birthday dinner. I wore this simple yet, to my boyfriend dismay, a bit lacking in some area. I find it okay once in a while to wear something more limited, get loose you know, wear anything you want to wear and not take in the pressure people are putting. Sometimes it's best to be ignorant. 

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 ( Zara top and shorts, H&M cardigan, Nike Airmax, Daniel Wellington watch, Asos sunglasses)

i turned 18 yesterday. Thought it would be a typical birthday but my beloved ones celebrated it way too dear. They came to my chamber at 12 and surprised both of us ( me and my twin sister). Couldn't ask for more ;') 
gotta go, i'm heading to my birthday party.