Some events sandwiched into a video is all i could offer to you after a long absence in this blog. I apologise for being faineant all along. During the holiday, i mostly stayed in my Hometown; until the sudden decision to travel to Hong Kong of course. i recorded quite a bit and made this simple video. i hope you enjoyed it though i do not think it has any fun factor to it. I will try to be more productive as i have a lot of pictures and videos i haven't been able to publish them here. stay tuned! 


( Mango sweater, Asos petite skirt and beanie similar here, H&M backpack, Jeffrey Campbell coltrane via nastygal, Toryburch bracelet)

Beanie beans beans. I am not a fan of colourful colours. I really am not. But this soft pink beanie got me wavered. I now realised, pastels are my new favourite colour. Anything with soft shades are my new fave. Anyway, this post was meant to be published before i went to Hong Kong. Yes, i went to Hong Kong a week ago. But, i forgot to publish this post due to the limited resource of Wi-Fi. #meh. 
Later guys! 

2014 TO 2015

Sorry for my absence this month, i have trouble finding time to update, but i spared time for this new post for the beginning of the year! Oh boy, without us realising too much, a year has passed! And to commemorate New Year, i did changes too. If you noticed, i changed a bit of my blog layout ! what do you think? Also, do you notice other things? If so, i would really appreciate it. But if you do not, then i have no other choice than to tell you myself *shameless*

Well, i changed domain to ! I am so happy now that i have my own domain, there's no need for me to type 'blogspot' anymore and so do you! On top of that, i have my email address changed into . All in all, i feel like i have moved a tad bit ahead of my former self. 
There's a saying ' new year, new me'

Happy New Year guys and thank you for visiting my blog all this time, i really appreciate every click on this blog :)
So long, 2014! you'll be greatly remembered!
and HELLO 2015!