folks are important .

this is random kid XD 
this is the strawberry mask we made =) 

sometimes,even your bestfriend can ignore you,that's why ,stand alone is much better rather than cling to someone. 

Those are all our pictures taken last saturday  :)

well, today is Monday and Aunty Kiet and Kimberly will stay with us! for about a month! hohoho,they are from Canada,Aunt Kiet is mom bestfriend ,and now they are having their reunion and Kimmy is here with us playing ,actually,she has a brother named Ryan which is my friend too!but he just wont come here to meet us T.T lol ,it's quite long already T.T Kimmy is so cute! ;D but naughty! I'll post a picture of her when i take a picture with her! B) 

and today is the start of CA1 (Continual Assesment 1) and i already had this feeling that i have bad scores but i'll just keep fighting those bad scores! cause i know that i can! *dramatic lol wish me luckk yeahh \m/ I'm no good at studying *sigh such an ass,so stupid .

p.s : I think principles read my blog :S and i think they insinuated me softly without telling ! i don't know,just a hunch ,lol certainty is not proofed ,just hunch .

Goodnight,byebye .


  1. Awesome pic!! Ahh.. I miss Fiona.. Long time no see yah!


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