Cousin in Law.

MASTER SHIFU! from Kungfu Panda! LOLLL
lol she's so cute
Aunty Kiet and Kimmy is now at Jakarta and they will go back to their hometown , its a very desolate without them , though Kimmy is sometimes annoying, now i miss her =( though sometimes i scold her for the egoism of mine =( moreover aunty Kiet is such a homey person ;D don't know when will we meet again in the future,maybe years ;(( she called me Cousin in law,i dont know why ,hahaha ;DD how can friends become a cousin in law lol ,but for sure ,I'll be missin theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemmmm \m/

byeeeeeeeee :D


  1. How old is your cousin ? and Was she wearing black softlens ?

  2. she's 8 ,haha ofcourse no! she's only 8 haha

  3. ohh yha ? :0 wow , Her eyes look black ! wkwk


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