Happy birthday my Dear Juventine Wu!

Went to school to have our intensive ,and damn, i hate it . 
after intensive,we're supposed to go to saloon with Juventine and Elva,but after thinking about our plans we've made,we decided to cancel it ,and Juventine sulked , so we had to go to her house and persuade her to get off the sofa,she's sleeping when we got there , lol. she promised us to go as plan in the evening ,so we head to sunplaza directly and ate there . then blablablablaaaaaaaaaaa .... 

Then to Bakerzin where we promised to gather, and luckily Juventine's recovered from the disease called Galau lol Headed to Cemara to surprised Juventine! splashing her with coke,whacking her with egss,threw her fluor  :D lots of fun till i forgot to take my shoes from Jennie's car .

Goodnight :D
I'll upload the pictures next time! bye! 

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