Well ...

the first thing I saw when I first step out of the airport :D 
I don't know the history of this, the guide explained it with cantonese language which I don't understand at all,but this is about a traditional house, but I got bored and chose to have a look, even mom,vinna,and my grandma stayed at the bus because of the cold weather they can't stand.
This is in Lotte World! couldn't tell you how much amazing this place is.
The fireplace at YongPyong! :D 
The view from the cable car! :D 

Wore 2 socks and a thick boot, but still can't stand the coldness. It was -14 to -16 in YongPyong, and YongPyong is quite into the mountain area 
I REALLY LOVE SKIING ! seriously, the feeling of skiing was really fun :D but I don't think we'll go here again eventhough I really want to ;(

Taken from the cablecar! I think it's cool skiing from the top to the bottom . You can feel the breeze, Skiing and Iceskating is nearly the same with different gears .

This is my creation! AHAHAHAH  I know, doesn't look like a cup nor a glass. Made this in Ice Gallery :D
everything is just so white, Felt like I was in Heaven 
This is at Hongkong ! I dont know what mall, but the malls are connected through this bridge .

I think that's enough, I may have no pictures for the next post later ;P so bye! ;D

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