From left to right: SK-II facial treatment essence/ Etude winterproof moisturizer/ Summer facial scrub/ Ponds Lightning facial foam/ Etude nymph aura volumer (which you mix it with bbcream)/ Etude bbcream/ Faceshop sunblock/ Oriflame foundation.
From left to right :Palmolive body wash/Tresemme hairfall shampoo/ Shiseido aquair deep moist shampoo/ Follow me scalp care shampoo

Those are what I use for body and face, I'm really fussy with things I use. I bought a lot of products, but if the products doesn't really do the job, I'll just let it rot there for months, which is why my bathroom and makeup table are full of products I didn't really want to use, which is really messy. I wanted to throw it away for a long time ago but recaling buying it with my mom's money, I felt bad throwing it with ease, that's why I need to reconsider if I'm going to throw it . I'm such a spender :'(

3 shampoos... confusing ? me too ... I'll use the Follow me or Tresemme shampoo when my hair gets oily, and when it starts to get dry, I'll use Aquair .  3 of them does the job so I'm not going to change my shampoos anymore! :D 
For my daily use, I use moisturizer to moisturize my face and then sunblock and do my brows, for weekends, I use bbcream, which I always mix it with the nymph aura volumer because the etude lady said so. haha 

Well I think that's it for my beauty routine! here's a preview for the next post! xx
bye! <3


  1. great post!

  2. The aztec skirt is simply fabulous and I like your daily routine.
    I shall buy a day cream soon with an SPF.

    Have a look at my latest post :)


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  4. do you know that Etude's All Day Strong bb cream is now phased out? Yes, I feel so bummed out. It worked so well. They have a new line called Bright Fit but it isn't as nice.

  5. me too! i bought lots of products and let them be if they don't work well.just followed u! :)

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