> floral bustier, panda hugging socks and studded belt from Topshop, brown and black lace shorts and studded shorts from Zara
 >highwaisted denim shorts,pink and cream-navy panties from Cotton on
 >pastel blue,brown short and stripes and dots legging from uniqlo
 >all from cachecache
>both from mango 
 >studded loafer and white oxford from topshop, black suede loafer from cotton on(rubi)
 >Methode Swiss sunblock/suncare, time balm concealer, kafka on the shore novel

organizing this was tiring! i don't really know how to organize so i sort things mostly by the brand. my mom went to Penang and KL 5 days ago and so we leave her with a list of our wants and seriously it was more than i thought i would be! though she didn't find any of my thick wooly sweater that i've been wanting for so long, but i really thank her for this! especially the studded loafer she got me from topshop( and the suede loafer)! ah if you're wondering, they are not everything mine, some belonged to my twin sister's but well we share things, so if this is her's, it's certainly mine too! ;) the leggings are my favourite item after the loafers ! it's so comfy, i love wearing leggings! i dont know why ._.( haha ) but she didn't find my patterned leggings, oh well...
i bought this novel because it seems to be so good(i found some people reading this and commenting this is a good novel)
 and good morning! 
dailly post soon! xx


  1. WOW!!! So many thing, and I love them all! =) Great purchase this one! ;P

    Thanks for you comment, tomorrow i'll post the entire look! =) Hope you like it


  2. haruki murakami is amazing. he has such a depressing tone that is both striking and heartbreaking. he has this novel called wind up bird chronicle, and it left me stoked bec i shared the name of one of the characters! :D

    anyway, so cute to see someone put up an underwear haul! :p and u organized everything just fine :)

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  5. wow so much amazing clothes <3 i wish we had such lovely shops here <3 jealous !

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  9. Amazing new items!

  10. So many incredible new finds! I love them all - especially the shoes! :)

  11. shop shop shop

  12. nice! thanks for the comment on my blog.
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  13. These are all such cute items! I especially love the cobalt skinny jeans. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, I'm now following :)

    The Tiny Heart

  14. Anonymous7/30/2012

    Very nice variety of clothes there - some cute, some sexy, some neutral.

    I have a request - could you please model in those new underwear for your next post?

  15. Love the items u got! :) Sucks we don't have TopShop here.. :/ But I heard they're opening by the end of this year.


  16. Great pieces!

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