I thought i might show you guys some of my travelling essentials/tips . so here's what i'll bring for my trip, which i know i'll be reaching for quite a lot later on.

1. Topshop - you'll need an average size bag and for this i think the size of this bag is genuinely right, it's not that big nor small, so i use this, anyway, it's my schoolbag too.
2.To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee - I don't want to get bored, hence, i decided to bring a novel .
3. Guess- to keep all my money, cards, receipts, etc.
4. Starbucks - i recently drink coffee everytime i finish my excercises, it's been a habit now. so i'll take this in case if i get sleepy.
5. Starbucks - Trust me, you don't want the other person to smell your bad breath, i always have myself a gum or minty candy, i usually have the fisherman one but it happened that i bought this a week ago.
6. Random - my hair is crazyyyyyyy. I'll be needing this a lot (you never know) the metal hairband is quite tight, so the red one is another loose alternative :)
7. bought at HK - I don't think you need this in hot weather countries, but i'm going to cold weather countries and i think this will come in handy .
8. random optical store - not a classy one but i just feel like bringing one or two sunglasses would be necessary.
9. SK-II - my skin easily cracks when i'm in a cold area, so i literally really need moisturizer around me.
10. Apple - the same reason why i bring my novel ! i got this from my iPhone package.
11. Faceshop - you have no idea how my hand cracks, it's terrifying ! x(
12. DKNY - i hate smelling bad, either way i'm bringing my small perfume to smell divine ! I actually got this from my mom, she bought this perfume and the perfume gives a smaller version of itself ,so instead of having 2 different sizes same perfume,she gave it to me. I usually sneeze a lot like 6 or 7 times after inhaling this perfume (i know it's odd but i found someone sneezes like the way i do, it lessen the awkwardness everytime i think about it hehe).
13. Lanotin - I actually took this from my mom again (HAHA) the formula is really effective, she said it's made for cold weather therefore i took it .
14. Etude - i don't really have the thing for pale lips (i love nude but not pale). I always tint it with this liptint. i always apply liptint before i apply my lipbalm ;D
15. Apple - and lastly my phone ! i can't live without my phone, it carries a lot of my things. Pictures, songs and even notes . I love killing time with my phone like checking emails, instagrams, formspring, tumblr and twitter. she's my lifesaver when i'm feeling bored .

Well, what do you think about my essentials? i hope it helps and maybe gives you mind for your travelling! :) it's probably not the most greatest travelling essentials but i'd say this one's a 'what's in my travelling bag' is my first time doing a post tag. Anyhow,mind the amateur-ness of this post! 


  1. lovely stuff, hope u have fun!

    keep in touch dear <3

  2. Nice blog:) and you're really beautiful:) If you want go to my blog:)

  3. Nice list! That's a great novel you decided to bring :)



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