This strayed through a period of time from the due date ! 2 months to be precise since my holiday ended, but i just had the chance to upload it now along with the queued posts. but here it is, after decades. and not to mentioned i've cancelled the haul video because i don't think i'm bound to it right now, everything's a mess :( but to replace it, here's a playlist i made few weeks ago, i hope you guys enjoy the music ! listen to it when you guys are free from work or doing homework, chilling, etc. reminder to you guys, my music taste varies, so there's a mixture of indie, pop, rock and others. *just telling.

JAPAN : There was a lot going on and it was just fun and insane to reminisce what we're encountering . My mom's a winter lover. Majorityly (if you guys noticed), we always travel to places that's starting to get bipolar or already cold, and mostly, it's around the older months or newer months. I secretly is a colder month lover too, like my mom, she has planted that in us, and yes, if you guys love winter months, you guys should probably go to Japan because, January is the month where it's unforgivingly cold. My main point of traveling to Japan is only... SKI (personally). I should have tried the slide, but lack of experiencing is something to fear, another time round, i'll definitely go and slide down, definitely! It's always fun when there's somebody who's like ' I know how to play this thing!!! i played this last year!!! ' when they aren't, my sister, her leg was prettily twisted along the ski board, her stupidity is awesomely funny. Food, expect to eat a lot of steams and hotplate if you join tour, i can still accept hotplate, but steams, i hate it till now, ugh.
 Recomendations ... if you guys happened to catch an icecream stall, don't think twice buying it though you're physically cold enough but temptation. don't expect-low in store buildings. Do not play jet ski if you aren't perfectly packed with warm clothes.

HK : I've been to Hong Kong several times now, i think i went they last 3 years, went there again last 2 year, , another trip there last year and that makes it 4 with this year, i guess. I didn't really keep track on traveling (but then, my family is travel-less). Anyway, we stayed at Cause Way Bay for 2 days and stayed another 3 days at MongKok. HongKong is easy to roam because MTR makes it easier to travel. we didn't make it to Disneyland this year due to the trip last year.
Recomendations ... spare a time to Girl's Night Market and expect cute iphone cases there. spare a day to shop, LEAVE son/dad/uncle (male with no shopping spirit). Lane Crawford is a must. always rely on your instinct when you see cool street stores. and your trip will do no wrong!

MACAU : Venetian -> Shopping -> Portuguese eggtarts (they taste like heaven) -> Hongkong.

I hope that concludes my long strayed trip, if you guys want to ask me things. please, my formspring is available.

p.s : there's still outfit post from the trip!


  1. I love macau too for their Portuguese eggtarts! they taste like heaven :)

  2. Wow, it seems like so much fun!!!! You and your mom are gorgeous :D


  3. Your holiday looks amazing! Haha, loved the videos of the skiing.
    -Kate xo

  4. i wish i can go to japan :(
    and one my wishlist is skiing !
    you're so lucky dear !
    btw you look gorgeous + stylish as always in any event !

  5. LOVELY VIDEOS :) :)
    And yes, Macau's egg tarts are to die for :)

  6. Great post!

  7. I really like you post,Thanks for your sharing.



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