-Thankyou to all of you guys; dad and mom for the macbook air, my veryvery best friend + lovely seniors for the iPod, to my beloved boyfriend for the belt and chocolate- you guys are the best! 
-Creative illustrations of me and my twin + her random sketch that turned into me by @Liiviana
-Another beautiful illustration of me by @itsmedeline 
-An addciting application that i found really interesting,you guys should probably try it out + it's free! it's hard to describe what's the application for, so for those curious people out there, go and flash ahead!
-An illustration of me by Jessica Huang, i won the giveaway, so this is what i get! (it's slightly a preview for my next post).
- Instagram peek @delvanniq 

Sorry for updating less these days, i was just finding a moment to publish a sole post about things i got for my birthday and the illustrations i received from before. and Oh! thankyou so much everyone! .
Happy Saturday !


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