( ZARA basic messenger bag, TOPMAN tee ) 

The basic messenger bag from Zara is sophisticatedly chic with my favourite fabric-Leather, in my opinion, is always the definitive of a perfect eternal fabric, i'd say. This bag is just remarkably outstanding in specific ways i couldn't explain, for instance, the leather material is heavenly soft, not to forget the mentioning of the, 'phenomenal' paper bag semblance that gives a very particular class of itself. My perfect to-go bag; black, leather and unique in a way that i believe it is.

here's Sometimes by Miami Horror (favourite song at the moment, the beat is sick!) LIVE MIAMI HORROR ! 


  1. That bag is truly perfect! I love how versatile it is.

  2. It's a simple bag but really chic.

  3. omg it's so weird! everytime you post something up it doesn't appear on my dashboard :(
    anyway the bag suits you best! been eyeing for the same bag!:D

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  5. wow so perfect!

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