( stripe top from Wearfable, Zara shorts, DocMarten boots, Asos cap)
photos by Jeffry

Wearfable, it's a new fashion e-commerce in Indonesia, which I actually kind of liked cause it's fast and trustable. Not only their clothing pieces are up to date but they too sell something chic and timeless pieces, and hey, they select everything with care and intelligent leading you to a non-cheap and ordinary outfit. It's more of a 'raising the ordinary to extraordinary'. Here, they let me picked out few things, i picked something that is timeless and could go on pairing anything with it, and stripe top it is! Not to mention this stripe top is an 'upcoming new collection' and is not published yet *woohoo! And what's more is that they consisted of local brands, their own products and international product(repeat: INTERNATIONAL) isn't it something reliable and convenient? but they haven't publish yet, so wait for some.
and remember, they're wearfable : wearable, fast and reliable. wootwoot!

ps. i changed my layout and stuffs, what do you think? 

here's Concorde by Glen Check, a korean indie band consist of 2, and is an amazing musician, i'm downloading every of their songs right now, they're crazy.


  1. So love your top from wearfable! I'll definitely going to check it out! x

  2. Fantastic!:) And on my blog BIG GIVEAWAY->

  3. You look soo beautiful! I've always loved your hair!

  4. love the outift



  6. love this outfit !
    its simple and cool :)

  7. i really like the minimalist style on you! your shorts are really cute. and your new layout is simple and minimalist like you!

    anyway i'm following you, if you like my blog, you can follow me hehe <3

  8. Great! Simply gorgeous.
    Loving the boots <3

    crunchy cheese me

  9. nice shorts combined with a great boots, superb <3

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  10. i always love your outfit,simply but gorgeous just like you!x

  11. Forever lovin' your monochrome look!
    Chich yet so stylish!


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