2014 TO 2015

Sorry for my absence this month, i have trouble finding time to update, but i spared time for this new post for the beginning of the year! Oh boy, without us realising too much, a year has passed! And to commemorate New Year, i did changes too. If you noticed, i changed a bit of my blog layout ! what do you think? Also, do you notice other things? If so, i would really appreciate it. But if you do not, then i have no other choice than to tell you myself *shameless*

Well, i changed domain to www.fashiondity.com ! I am so happy now that i have my own domain, there's no need for me to type 'blogspot' anymore and so do you! On top of that, i have my email address changed into delvanni@fashiondity.com . All in all, i feel like i have moved a tad bit ahead of my former self. 
There's a saying ' new year, new me'

Happy New Year guys and thank you for visiting my blog all this time, i really appreciate every click on this blog :)
So long, 2014! you'll be greatly remembered!
and HELLO 2015!

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  1. idk but i really love the doodles in your photo <333

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!


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