( H&M sweater and legging, Gucci watch, Zara boot)

Channeling my neutrals as the weather gets bipolar these days and seems like it's a call for sweaters! I have been bordering between sweaters and tee; one moment could be raining heavily, and it could be scorching the next. Sweater is vitally essential to keep you warm especially ones that is almost 24/7 in an air-conditioned room. Anyway, this pieces combined is what my palette's set for the next few weeks before the city climate changes again. Thus, i will have time to curate my upcoming outfit post and possibly "other stuffs".

While on the topic of "other stuffs", an attempt to keep this blog updated is something i have been wanting to commit, albeit the messed up schedule and mountains of assignments pilling up (finals are coming too!), i have been compiling list of things to keep this blog updated once a week at the least. For instance, a playlist? maybe a beauty routine post #2 ? Q&A ? comment down below or you can send me an anonymous message (if you don't want to be expose) on my account. click here and it will direct you to my page. Feel free to suggest :3
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