They are all blessings in life. i literally mean that.

i had such warm and pleasant surprise from Jeffry, even though it's a fail one - considering how he bought the balloons when i'm around, and also asked me not to go out of my room before 12 (yeah right, like i would). But still, Thank you for everything, i am such a lucky girl! Never have i in life realised how lucky i am (okay, maybe i exaggerated it a bit). And as you can probably defer from the pictures, i got a macbook pro ! which i had been wanting since my macbook air died off suddenly and would't turn on (but it miraculously came to life after a few days i received the new macbook! damn. then i gave it to my brother). I'm really fortunate, he sticks up with me through my bad tempered self - I'm a total bitch when I'm agitated, i assure you that. and he would still care and love me for who i am. where can i find anybody like him? nowhere.

"Look at where we are, remember where we started out"

This section here is directed towards my dear dear friend, Bianca. I love how she wrote and sent me a letter, i find it rather sweet and old-fashioned (in a stunning vibes). You can't even imagined how surprised i was receiving such sudden letter from Germany (it's the first time i've received a letter!). It's a surprise and thrilled feelings mixed, then later turned into funny and hilarious followed by laughter after i realised it arrived way too soon than my actual birthday. And with that, makes her the first to greet me. There's no feeling like it when someone taking the time to share their feelings in a letter meant just for you. It felt so genuine and real. i really appreciate that. you are such cool person to be with. No drama, no pressure. She's coming back in a few months and i can't wait to meet her!

To Micheline, who alone made an unexpected surprise. It was really unexpected, but i cherished it deep down my heart. It was such a simple surprise but it's a deep moment for me. i never thought she would come over and surprised us during our sleep. She is one of the people on my list who i really love hanging out with, because she is very insensitive and sensitive at the same time. It's always fun when she is around. I wish we were back in our old days sitting at the school alley or corridor with Bianca and the others and we'll ramble out. Or when we would park our car somewhere and have deep conversations. i miss that.

To all of you, my best friends, girls/boys and family which i won't probably need to point out because you may already know who you are, i am beyond blessed to have you guys in my life. Most of us have parted ways because we need to pursue our studies elsewhere, but i know we'll reunite again one day. We have passed through many obstacles before, we've had our arguments, our happiest moments, and crazy shits. Which have made our relationship to what it is now. and that, i intended to preserve it. Miss you guys lots.

And lastly, to my amazing readers and instagram viewers, I can't believe how many people took the time and greeted me through any social media i have. I value that and would love to say thank you! i am sorry i can't reply any of you as college is hectic as hell but i really appreciate that, i really do! Also, i would like to say i have reached 40k followers on Instagram (it's a small number, but i am content with it)! Thank you (again) for always supporting me and being the loveliest readers!

It felt wondrous to be 19, i expect life to age like wine but yet i don't really want to grow up since that would mean being parted further away from my inner child. The thought of growing up actually terrifies me in a lot of ways. One, is that i would bear more responsibilities that i could not mentally bear. I am aware that i am not much of a dependable person, and i could mess things up just in a minute seconds even! Second, is that i should behave in a manner that is considered to be proper. Sometimes, i yearned for the times when i was in my school where i would be running around, play chase or do things that people wouldn't even care because we are just kids that are having fun. Now it's just constant warning of behaving yourself. That are the 2 definite reasons why i wouldn't want to grow up. But we all are going to pass this phase and will eventually comply. well then,

All things considered, i would like to say that i am forever grateful. I am. and i am blessed. beyond blessed.

Term break has commenced ! which means i am free! it's been plethora of sleepless nights, grabbing coffee in between classes, stressed out brain and exhausted physicality. And in this term break, i intend to revive my blog after a long hiatus of absence. I wanted to devote my term break towards my blog. So, any ideas on blog posts? I am starting to work on the overdue beauty routine/makeup post which i have promised you all on my ask.fm (click here) way back before (gosh it was such a long time ago, i'm truly sorry for delaying every promised posts). If there's any suggestion on what to do, by all means, please comment down below or if you are shy, my ask.fm is available.

see you in the next post! xx


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