( New Look top, H&M skirt, Zara sneaker, Fendi Bag)
ph. by Micheline

I'm swooned by this top's comfort, especially when it feels and looks like your second skin! Beige is now my favourite colour. There's an alluring feel when beige is in sight. It's like fascinatingly appealing and yet it is not too much, i don't even understand what i'm saying, so i am going to stop at that. I've been trying to shift my wardrobe pieces to something more neutral so that i'm not always looking black, or white, or gray, or whatever it is. And it feels like everyone is on the beige-craze too. #teambeige!

I went out with my friend Micheline after she surprised me at my house (read here), and she helped me take this pictures afterwards. Oh! not to mention, she's a freelance photographer, so if you're in Medan, and needed a photographer, reach her here! She's friendly and fun person to be with, think of her as baymax, the shoot session won't be awkward if she's your photographer. :3

It's only been a week of term break, but i've grown out some acnes and fats! Considering the snacks that i've eaten and the sleep i'm indulging everyday. It's such a pleasure to be in this state and not have to worry about school stuff. i wish it's term break forever (*insert sad face). In all seriousness, college is starting in about a week, and i'm starting to worry about all the works i'm going to get! *sigh* right, see you in the next post! i've assembled few ideas for the next post!
 stay tuned!


  1. Nice outfit:) xx

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  4. Amazing look, perfect outfit!!

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