( Marcelo Burlon tee, Zara skirt, boot and hat, Chanel bag)

i have a lot of guilty pleasures, but one guilty pleasure that i would like to admit is, stealing. Particularly, stealing from my brother's wardrobe, Ha! who here does that too?! When i have nothing to wear, i'll instantly march to my brother's wardrobe and forage something out, just because he has the coolest tees! on top of that, the size matches my taste as it will look oversized on me, and that to me is, basically perfection.

A really quick and easy way to spice up your outfit is by using choker. i have been using choker a lot recently, especially this thin black choker which was originally a shoe lace. YES, a shoe lace (for those who have been asking me through instagram, askfm or somewhere else, now you know). Specifically, it is from a ballerina shoe. Although it is just a simple shoe lace, it adds statement to outfits, who here agrees?



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