( H&M tee, Zara jeans, jacket and boots)

Sorry for the long hiatus, I have been busy being unproductive all day. Just kidding. During term break, i had to relax myself and take a break off of the blogging world, i am back now. I always feel like i am only here a few minutes and will be gone for a month or two. Admittedly, i probably will be gone again after this post, which sucks, because new term is starting and i certainly will have no time to blog again. 

Anyway, this was taken during the reunion of friends, my friends that has been living elsewhere were back in town so i had to take good photos to commemorate our small reunion! I am fascinated at how close we used to be, and now we're dispersed all over the world. If you know me, especially those who are close to me, i really value my friends as if they are diamonds. I even believed more to what my friends says than what my mom and dad says, who here does that too? 

White jeans and a tee is too casual for my taste, but the best part of it was to top it off with something else to accentuate the outfit, so i paired it up with this Zara pink jacket to anchored the whole look without looking basic. I finished it off with a boot and boom! my night out outfit is created. 

well, see you when i update my blog.


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