( tee from H&M, Zara trousers and chokers)
ph. by @andreasciuu (on instagram)

It feels weird writing a blog again, since i've been off for months! the last time i wrote was back in August 2016, how long was that?! Since its term break, i'm going to make the best out of it.

I'm in the midst of planning big ideas into this site and my youtube channel. And this time, i'm going to have to prepare everything beforehand so all i could do later is click "Publish" (i hope so). I also recently finished editing my Korea video diary which has been pushed back way too long now, so it will be up in no time, stay tuned!

To be honest, i love creating contents here and there. I think it pushes my creative boundaries to another level, but on the other hand, it's hard to commit to certain dedication as i still have other things to do + i am a lazy ass potato that would prefer spending my time sleeping than working. I used to be more enthusiastic before, now i somehow find excuses for anything, i wonder when did i developed this intolerable behaviour. Anyway, i've been watching videos regarding on how to be more productive, how to stop procrastinating and how to make the best out of yourself and etc, i hope i can get my shit together.

Right, these pictures was taken by @andreasciuu (on instagram, go check his awesome profile!) during the making of something cool with Moxqitto, i can't tell you what it is, but i left few snippets on my instagram, so if you dig a bit, then you'll find it out.

There's something about black that's always tasteful, when added bits of red, there's something sensual with the combination that i just can't stop admiring. I sort of felt robust with an all black outfit, especially with streaks of red on this trouser, it kind of say danger, don't you agree?


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  3. it kind of say danger, don't you agree?

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